Spend some time in Madrid

No city on earth is more alive than Madrid. Bustling, energetic, vibrant... Madrid churns with energy as only a capital city could.
From Puerta del Sol and the Gran Vía boulevard to Plaza de España, Malasaña, Chueca and the Real Madrid stadium, it's not sheer multitude that makes the city stir. It's the madrileño attitude: a zest for socializing, taking to the streets and cheerfully maximizing every hour not spent working.
Madrid is a vibrant metropolis with much to see and experience. From the best museums to the most dizzying nights.

Spend a perfect weekend: Shoot a beautifull match and have fun in Madrid

Car is Not a good option to visit Madrid
The best way to reach downtown from Valdemoro and Pinto is Train ''Cercanías''

Once in the ''centro'' downtown Madrid, move around by : subway (metro), bus (autobuses), taxi (taxis), You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that nearly everywhere in the proper centro can we reached

Madrid’s subway system
Madrid metro network is reliable, safe and inexpensive and is the recommended means of travel to explore the city. The metro system is the second largest of Europe and serves all of the important districts and major sights of the capital. Madrid metro is open from 6:30am until 1:30am and during daylight hours, there is a service every 6-12 minutes. The metro is the suggested  method to travel around the capital.

Consult Touristic Map
The Madrid Metro network has 231 stations and 12 lines, but it is very easy to navigate. Each metro line has its own colour and number, and each station has a name, all very clearly laid out on the metro map.

Check here your nearest parking
If you come by car, search public parking around , they are expensive and in downtown sometimes crowded.
Still an option if you want to taste the amazing Madrid night life

Taking a taxi in Madrid
Taxis in Madrid are white with a diagonal red band on their front door bearing the emblem of the city. They have a green light that is on when they are free. To hail a taxi all you need to do is raise your hand. Throughout  the city they can be easily stopped on the street. With over 15,600 taxis in Madrid, finding a free one on any of the city’s main thoroughfares is rarely difficult. Journeys are usually paid for in cash although more and more taxis accept credit cards.

Madrid Vision offers tours around the city in open-topped double-decker buses.
The bus operates in a hop-on, hop-off fashion, allowing you to take a quick 1 hour (approx.) tour of the city and hop-off to further explore any sights or monuments that take your interest. There are different routes to choose from and tourist card holders obtain free tickets

Old Madrid neighbourhoods

Getting to know any city is easier if you get a general sense of the personality and location of each neighbourhood.
So here’s a brief description of the centre of Madrid! All these neighbourhoods are so close together that there’s no need to hop on the metro, but Madrileños often associate neighbourhoods with their respective metro stops so this is a good way to get a sense of where everything is. Happy exploring!



Madrid's Avenue of Art consists of the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen museums, and since 2007 also the CaixaForum.
For 14.40 euros you can buy an "Abono Paseo del Arte", a special voucher allowing you to visit all of the first 3 of these top class art museums once at any time during the year.


 Madrid Shopping

There are five areas to head for if you are Madrid shopping: Salamanca, the centre (near Puerta del Sol), Chueca, Princesa and Cuatro Caminos. Each area caters to different tastes and budgets

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