September 27th Prematch - MATCH: 28th- 29th all day -

 Bienvenus, Добро пожаловать, Bem-vindo, ברוך הבא, Tervetullut, Benvenuti, Vítaný

 Spend a perfect weekend:  Shoot a beautiful match and have fun in Madrid.

Dear Shooter These are the requirements to participate in a National match in Spain. Regarding the gun permit, you have to send us some information

Please fill Out this form
and send it back with the voucher as you have paid the inscription before July 31st
Contact Mail

FEE: 100 €
Club Deportivo Centro Madrid 
Banco Santander • Capitan Haya, 37 - Madrid - Spain
BSCHESMM ES74 0049 3283 5323 1518 0783
(All bank charges on your own)
You can send a sheet for several shooters or individual At this moment you will be formally registered in the match.
An official invitation from our Regional Director will be sent to you in order to recover your guns at the airport or shown when crossing the Spanish border by car.
September 1st
September 27th Prematch 09.00 hrs.
September  28th 29th  Match
07.45 hrs. - Range opens at 06.30 hrs

Download the stages as well as their location
Stages 20 + Chrono and Man to Man
Minimun Rounds

For your convinience download and fill out the
Equiment Check Sheet
Any way you will find one at the club´s office if needed

Check your results on line during the Match
Contact Spanish Regional director

Phone: +34915062830

Thanks for your interest